Building the Arte

Flower of Life — in progress and final.

I thought this was pretty amazing work. Then today, I saw a man who drew his Flower of Life freehand.

A poetic hymn for Saturn, lord of perfection and decrease. By me. 

Available with its six cousins, for the planets, at

A poetic hymn for Saturn, lord of perfection and decrease. By me.

Available with its six cousins, for the planets, at

Days like today, I love the internet. A few days ago, I read an article by JC over on the Rosicrucian Vault, on the Dodecahedron of Space.  Based on that article, I constructed a black and white dodecahedron of Space using a dodecahedron template from  It was an OK model, but then JC did me one better.  He provided a new template, already colored, for the Dodecahedron of Space, and directions on how to build one out of wood in a serious way.

So of course, I built his paper template of a Dodecahedron of Space right away.  And now it’s sitting on my desk at school. 

I love the Work.  But more than that, I love the workings, the learning, the study of fundamentals and the methods for both teaching and learning fundamentals.  Elegant, really.  Thanks, J.C.!

Painting titled White Pillar, in progress. It always seems to take forever to work on this because I have to let coats dry before I can move on. Sometimes quite upsetting. Usually relaxing.

Alchemical Spagyric of Vervain

This is a preparation of common vervain (Verbena officinalis) made using Bulgarian from Mountain Rose Herbs.   In a Spagyric tincture, the herb is macerated or soaked in high-proof alcohol, and then strained after several weeks to produce a menstruum or herb essence-infused alcohol. The herbal residue is calcinated or burned to black or white ash. The ash and the menstruum are then recombined for a period of cohobation, before the ash is re-filtered out, and the resulting spagyric bottled.  

Vervain is also known as van-van, and is a common ingredient in hoodoo and other rootwork. It is an ancient herbal cure for eye strain, and a relaxant of some kind. A few drops in a large amount of water is a strong dose.   I produced this as part of my initiatory work in the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn. I’m not at all sure that I’m ready to drink even a few drops of it, actually.   I mean, it’s black. With this tinge of green around the edges where light can pass through.

Except, when I hold it up to the light, it has this green color which is somewhere between the traditional color of Venus, and the green glass of a bottle of Rolling Rock Beer. After several strainings through cotton balls and coffee filters, it is nearly cloudless; there are no remaining films or mists of particulate left in it, and it is vaguely emerald in color.

One is reminded of the Emerald Tablet, and the wisdom of Hermes Thrice Blessed.


acaranalogy answered your question: Figuring out the contents of my parody book…

let’s have some preposterous taboos that all pagans must follow!

YES. There shall be a chapter about the “rules” of being a witch/pagan (because you know those are the same thing here :P).

It’s not exactly a Wicca superstition, but I wear a tie based in the colors of the planetary deities and sometimes a shirt:

Monday- Moon - blue silver
Tuesday -Mars - red

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